Monday, December 12, 2011

New Pic of Me!

This is me this summer... Im all dressed up for a wedding! :)

2011 is almost over...

I actually had completely forgotten that I had a blog until I was cleaning out my email and came accross the link to this site. oooops. so i figured i would update it a tad lol. so once i get my pics loaded up onto the computer i will make sure to update here. also a small update on the title...its no longer michelle and chris's has become solely michelles life...tee hee..i got smart!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a Really Long




Friday, March 23, 2007

Some friends hanging out at our place

Wow its been a while

Well a couple weeks ago my cousin , her husband and their two adorable kids came to visit chris and I. She brought me a whole bunch of cool baby stuff for when me and chris finally decide to have babies of our own.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some odds and ends

My Oh so decorated house..NOT

This is the extent of what i have decorated this year...its not much but i havent really felt christmasy this year.

Kathy and Ross Wedding October 7 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

A sweet looking bike

This is a pic of a bike we seen in the parking area at the airshow. Its a sweet looking bike

Abby Airshow

Here are just some of the pics from the abby airshow...chris has sure become a camera total he took 70 pics at the airshow. here are just the best ones.(wierdly though there are no people pics just airplanes)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Pictures of the trucks and of our camping area in quesnel. The red truck, Mostly Stolen, Broke its drive shaft in half during the races on sunday.


More Quesnel pics


More pictures from the mud races in quesnel and one of me and Nickie being retarded


These are some of the pictures from this weekend. We went to quesnel Mud Races and actually remembered to bring the camera. Anyway It was Billy barker days up in quesnel and part of it is the Mud Bogs. Which is the reason we went up as we have a few friends that have trucks they race in it. The picture above is Ken and Nickies everyday truck which they mud race.The three pictures below are of Problem Child which our buddy donnie drives, it is not an everday truck ( it has nitrous and all)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just had to post a picture of the mother of my three lil angels....been friends since we were 14 ....she would probably be angry if she knew a posted a picture of her..(she doesnt like her pic being taken) but aha..what she doesnt know...muahahaha....

My three lil angels wearing chris's sunglasses down at the river Serena ( the middle one) looks like alittle alien..she was very proud of that

These are some of the pictures of our little bird problem...the mother is going to feed her young which happen to live in our underlay of our roof.....


So we had a bit of an emergencey last nite...we were over at a friends house who has a large yard and roxi was having the time of her life...well just when we go to leave Roxi walks up and she is covered in bumps (she looked like something out of a horror movie) so we quickly got her into the bath, which she very much protested and tried to find a vet, which is not very easy at midnight. So after calling around, we went and picked up some anti itch cream (cause she was frantically scratching the whole time we were trying to figure out what to do). Then after lathering her up she fell asleep...but me being a worried mommy and not knowing quite what had gotten her, i stayed up all night watching her sleep making sure she was ok. Today her bumps have gone away and she seems to be feeling alright...but mommy here is dead tired. So all is good again. I napped today and now come midnight not tired!!!